lemme get that for ya ;p

Timestamp: 1408514723

laopa selfie, check! kekeke

Timestamp: 1408278961

sunday nights w/ laopa (and laoma) :P

Timestamp: 1408275060

brunch / coffee / slacking off :D

Timestamp: 1408248285

MADnus 2014. go MAD and have fun!

Timestamp: 1407986093

though it was a pretty short affair, i loved you and i’ll be back someday :3

Timestamp: 1407858674

for the love of prints ^^= awsum possum bkk~~

Timestamp: 1407774887

bangkok from level 83 :D

Timestamp: 1407577524

berry berry berry farewell for @s.q.ng ♡ have fun in the great USofA! sorry can’t send u off on sunday. i’ll see u nxt yr only~~ 😭 or on skype/line! (:

Timestamp: 1407492437


Timestamp: 1407229340

mind cleansing afternoon walk ^^=

Timestamp: 1407134671

i was gonna say 2 is better than 1 but the watermelon one tastes weirdddd D: melon milk is still the best <33

Timestamp: 1406951048

oh hello there

Timestamp: 1405940381

procrastination with a view. oops.

Timestamp: 1405938922