"welcome to my palace" D: #orchidwithaface

Timestamp: 1412062392

a day of being tourists with the sis :3

Timestamp: 1412062032

meet my 2 new babies tt came all the way from shanghai~~ (and bya 🐢) i shall name them soon :3

Timestamp: 1411917594

heartland charm

Timestamp: 1411894856

catching up over potato soup, coffee, cake and manymany cute kids and neighbourhood cats ^^~~ love this place ‘cept the haze is getting really baaad x.x (at Tian Kee & Co.)

Timestamp: 1411297133

让我来 act artsy 一下

Timestamp: 1410862732

my loves. 😍 so glad i detoured a bit on the way home just now to get them. it’s been way too longgggg~~ (at Jalan Kayu Selegie Soya Bean)

Timestamp: 1410795222

good nught cuppa. ^^=

Timestamp: 1410618904

found some pretty #succulents in utown’s 六福!! 😍 table candy. #lithop #and2others

Timestamp: 1410431071

stgcc @ mbs! saw manymany things and cool artists. the fangirl is very happy ^^= (and the wallet a little lighter)

Timestamp: 1409998191

this is sg. 😍

Timestamp: 1409583812

day out with my new lappy and dissertation *-* the weather’s so nice today (at The Coffee Daily)

Timestamp: 1409566053

sunday training 爽~ (at Fight G Mixed Martial Arts Academy)

Timestamp: 1409471506

weekend chillaxing :3 (at Shrove Tuesday)

Timestamp: 1409394853

waffles and gelato with the pretty braces-less @qingy_wingy ((:

Timestamp: 1409382004